Our Education

Adult Sister’s Education

“Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave.”

Darul Ihsaan Academy offers education services to all age groups in the community and beyond to support one’s Islamic educational journey. The foundations of Qurʾanic sciences focuses on language and pronunciation skills, and developing a deeper connection with the words of Allah. Our courses and extracurricular programs are designed to foster an understanding of Islam that can be applied to everyday life.

Child Education

DIA Qur’an maktab program offers a robust curriculum for children, girls 5 years and above, and boys 5-12 years of age, while having Islamic studies curriculum offered to young teens. The programs teach Qurʾanic recitation from beginner to professional and age-appropriate Islamic studies. While the Maktab program is only offered in-person, we also provide a selection of one-off online courses for children and teens.

Seminars & Workshops

DIA strives to offer and conduct education programs catering the needs of those who are not able to commit to a course of a long duration. DIA offers Halaqah programs and seminars focusing on seasonal or occasional needs to understanding certain aspects of the duties of being a practicing believer. We believe in quenching the thirst and needs of all seekers by providing informative programs at all times.

Special Seasonal Courses

We offer special courses catering to the needs of the community people by providing subjective workshops throughout the year. Sisters intending to go on the blessed journey of Umrah, or groups intending to take part in the rituals of Hajj, or sisters struggling to find solutions to female related issues are some of the few topics of which constructive programs are conducted to the respective seasons to train and prepare individuals to perform their religious duties with ease and understanding.

Online Education

Our online age-specific classes are designed for Qur’an learning from foundation to recitation, revision for the Huffaz, lessons on character, manners, etiquettes, basics of Fiqh, and daily duas that every child needs to know ,while striving to adopt a Maktab-like environment at home while attending classes.